Working with Wanda

    For me, health coaching is a


    I work with only a small number of women so that my services are laser-focused on making a difference in your life and ensuring that you get the RESULTS THAT LAST.


    I create individualized programs that are comprehensive and unique to each woman. 

    My programs are so tailored to YOUR exact needs, that no two are alike!

    Together, we will conquer every obstacle that stands in your way, including your workouts and activity level, your nutrition, body composition, mindset, habits, support systems…literally anything and everything will be addressed so that you become unstoppable in your pursuit of better health. 

    As mothers, spouses, workers, leaders, empty-nesters, retirees…you name it, many women find it hard to prioritize themselves. I get it because I’ve been there.

    You’ll gain strategies to help you find the easiest path possible to make yourself a priority, and create boundaries that will give you better health, and a better life. 

    Often, excess body fat is just a symptom of crucial underlying issues that things are out of balance in your life.  I’m here to link arms with you and unpack WHAT is holding you back, WHY it’s so important, and HOW to fix it so that you’re living your healthiest, most resilient lifestyle possible. 

    In working with me


    You’re going to experience exciting physical changes…PLUS, your mental and emotional well-being is going to increase to new heights. You’ll suddenly find yourself capable of doing things you never thought you could do! 

    So, if you’ve got a dream to start dating again, or wear a bikini, run a race, have the stamina to play with your grandkids…or even enter a body building competition…I’ve got a plan for you.

    Let’s do something amazing together!

    Book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me, and start feeling FABULOUS again.

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